Tassie United still in mix

2009-02-12 01:34:40

The Tasmanian Football Taskforce is fast approaching crunch time in its bid to secure one of the next batch of A-League licences.  With Gold Coast United and North Queensland Fury gearing up for next season's kick off, the battle for the 11th and 12th spots is hotting up.  With Melbourne provisionally granted licence number eleven, Tasmania United remains in the thick of the action for number twelve.

The Taskforce has been working harder than ever of late to entice investors and sponsors, as well as being in regular contact with the FFA to ensure our bid is not forgotten amidst the media hullabaloo surrounding other bids.  Our discussions with the governing body indicate they most certainly consider us to be a realistic and even desirable option, although we really need to be ticking off the solitary remaining criterion of finance in the next few weeks.

With several other consortia reported to be in the mix with some impressive bids, there is every chance the FFA will not be stopping at twelve licences. This means that, even if we are unsuccessful in getting the 12th spot, we will press on undeterred. 

The Taskforce is determined that it will not quit until Tasmania is represented in the A-League.  That said, our sights at this time are firmly set on number twelve.

Remember, that you can help strengthen our case to the FFA by supporting us through registering at this website and even further by persuading anybody you know to sign up too.