Survey shows strong support for Tasmanian A-League club

2010-02-03 01:56:38

Tasmania United Football Club Inc. (TUFC) today released a survey of 1,000 Tasmanian adults conducted during January that demonstrated a high level of support for a Tasmanian based team in the national football (soccer) league, the Hyundai A-League.

The ‘Public Sentiment’ survey was conducted by the respected research company EMRS on behalf of TUFC and follows on from the Tasmanian Government funded feasibility study released in 2009.

Some of the key results are:

  • 39% of respondents were aware of the potential bid for a Tasmanian based A-League side
  • 75% of respondents supported the bid for a Tasmanian based A-League side; support was consistent and strong through all age groups and regions of the state, with support strongest among those aged 18-24 years
  • 16% of respondents would be likely to become a member of TUFC if Tasmania had an A-League side, with support strong throughout the 15-54 age groups
  • 53% of those likely to become a member would have a personal membership and 43% would have a family membership
  • 23% of respondents would be likely to attend a home game in Hobart (35% of respondents in the south of the state)
  • 25% of respondents would be likely to attend a home game in Launceston (45% of respondents in the north and 35% of respondents in the north west and west)

TUFC Chairman, Mr John McGirr, said that the results of the survey demonstrate strong support for a Tasmanian based A-League side and that Tasmanians would support a side by becoming members and attending home games.

“The survey results confirm our belief that a Tasmanian A-League side would be strongly supported by the people of Tasmania.  Tasmanians do not just love playing the game, are also hungry to see international standard football on a regular basis.

“What is especially pleasing is the strong support throughout the state.  This confirms the findings from the feasibility study that sharing home games between Hobart and Launceston would be the right strategy and maximise involvement by all Tasmanians.  It is also fantastic that young Tasmanians are so supportive and would be likely to get involved by becoming a member of the club and attending home games.

“From the proportion of respondents that were very likely to become a member of the club, we could estimate approximately 18,000 potential members if Tasmania had an A-League side,” said Mr McGirr.

Mr McGirr also said that the release of the survey results is the next step of an ongoing strategy to secure a licence for a Tasmanian based A-League side.

“A lot of hard work has gone into developing the concept of a Tasmanian based A-League side by a group of volunteers who share a passion for the game and this State. 

“The support of the Tasmanian Government has been very important.  The Government funded a $40,000 feasibility study which confirmed the potential for a Tasmanian based A-League side.  The study highlighted that Tasmania is fortunate to have two facilities (Bellerive Oval and Aurora Stadium) that would be well placed to host A-League matches.

“But there is a lot more work to do.  The survey results, combined with the results of the feasibility study, clearly demonstrate that there is merit in developing a full business case to present to the FFA with an application for an A-League licence.  The business case will particularly focus on the best model to ensure financial sustainability.

“Timing is of the essence.  Australia now has a successful national football league and there is a clear opportunity for Tasmania to be part of any future expansion.

“The TUFC committee will now sit down with the corporate sector and the Tasmanian Government to discuss how we can proceed with the development of the business case”, said Mr McGirr.

It is hoped this website will be able to publish more detailed results shortly.